Is Short Term Memory Loss A Side Effect Of Wellbutrin

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Some people also complain of Wellbutrin having a numbing effect on them. to deterioration in memory, and cognitive ability among other problems. is very little on the long term complications Wellbutrin can cause. My mom takes bupropion and its done her tons of good with no apparent side effects. It has the advantage of being less likely to cause weight gain or sexual side effects, both of which are more common with other antidepressants. Memory loss is listed as a low incidence side effect of Wellbutrin, occurring in one to five percent of patients. I have been experiencing short term memory loss and having a hard time. The side effects I had from Effexor were not that totally bad sweating and being hot. This coincide with short-term memory problems.) Lack of. The most common side effects are drowsiness, decreased appetite, and upset stomach. A few cases. Bupropion should not be used by patients who have a seizure disorder. set by the known side effects of bupropion, such as insom- nia, activation, and. The second subject re- ported mild short-term memory impairment. The most common side effects in short-term studies were nausea, abnormal bleeding, hypomania (manic episodes), visual problems, or low levels of salt in.

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They promise that this supplement will keep you brain focused enabling you to multitask or handle complex task without losing focus. The study was carried out to conform to the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki and was approved by the University of Sydney Human Research Ethics Committee. Children should not take yohimbe. I was then offered a scholarship.

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Dementia is a collection of symptoms including memory loss, personality change, and impaired intellectual functions that result from disease or trauma to the brain. Phase white matter signal abnormalities in patients with clinically isolated syndrome and other neurologic disorders. A Temperate character takes only what they need from life - food, drink, et cetera. Ginkgo can also affect chemicals in the brain.

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